This Is Us

Hi, we are Angie & Sophie, the team at Hearts & Flowers Photography! We live in sunny Southend-On-Sea with Ruby, our gorgeous and funny rescue Staffie who loves playing hide ‘n’ seek.

We love being in our cosy and quirky home, in our PJs, while surrounded by lamps, fairy lights and candles (my influence). We also love getting stuck into a good series on Netflix.. Especially ones with a good supply of unexpected thrills, and/or murders. I love the scary stuff but jump and scream a lot, which then scares the hell out of Sophie. During a proper scary film, we have to take a break so that Sophie can pull herself together.

We do pretty much everything together, even the washing up and cooking, which we always do to music. I’m the wiper upper, dancing and singing in the background and Sophie washes up whilst shaking her head and laughing at me.

We eat pretty healthy, but we get proper excited when we hear the delivery car pull up outside – which holds our fortnightly chicken curry and stir fried chicken in Peking sauce. We were actually almost hugging in the street at the end of the first Covid-19 lockdown, when we called our favourite takeaway during Ruby’s walk and found out it had reopened!

We laugh a lot (mostly at each other), make plans to do things (then procrastinate), and speak to each other in a strange accent which started a bit Welsh but has evolved into something completely different.

I’m the one who generally does the family shoots, but when it comes to weddings we are a team. Sophie calls herself my second shooter, because I’ve been a photographer for much longer. But she is way more than that, and I couldn’t do it without her.


“I attended a wedding recently where these two lovely ladies were the photographers. Having worked for many years as a make up artist, I have worked with many! But these two really are top of their game!!” – Lindsey R