a bride and groom kissing outside the church

St Augustine’s Church, Thorpe Bay – Wedding Photographer

I already knew Vicky as she went to school with my daughter, so it was lovely to be asked to shoot her wedding ceremony at St Augustine’s Church in Thorpe Bay.

When we arrived she, her bridesmaids and maid of honour were busy being beautified by the hair and make up artists. Vicky’s mother-in-law had put on a yummy brunch for everyone, and the dresses were hanging in anticipation for the big event!

When Vicky was shown her “wedding face” in the mirror, tears came streaming down her face as she couldn’t believe how lovely she looked! She doesn’t often wear make up so it was a big shock for her; thankfully her make up technician was there to dab away the tears before any damage was done.

When it was finally time for Vicky to be helped into her dress, the tears started to flow again. Her dad was on hand with some calming words though and before we knew it, the vintage American car had arrived to take her to the church.

Miles looked proper handsome, as did their two beautiful little boys – all suited and booted like their Daddy!

The ceremony was pretty perfect, with some more happy tears from Vicky. The new Mr & Mrs Crow were so happy, and I could tell from their faces that everything was going way too quick, just like weddings do. I wished we could have had longer with them in the Church grounds, but there was a strict schedule to keep to.

Just as Vicky & Miles were about to leave in their amazing car, Father Jonathan came out to pose for a picture with them before he rode off home on his bike.

We had such a lovely time, and once again met the most friendly people! And this is why we love our job SO much!

♥  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Crow!  ♥

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