bride and groom laughing during the best mans speech

The Roslin Beach Hotel, Essex – Wedding Photographer

Today was the wedding of Vickie and Chris at The Roslin Beach Hotel. It was SO hot, but thankfully there was some good air conditioning!

When we got to The Mulberry Suite, Vickie and her sister, Michelle, were as cool as cucumbers! No stress at all! Sophie and I started shooting the ‘details’, then I went downstairs to get some pictures of Chris, the Best Men and the guests who had already started having drinks in the bar. Sophie stayed in the Bridal Suite to get some reportage pictures of Vickie’s Dad seeing her in her dress for the first time.

The wedding co-ordinator, Amy, did an amazing job keeping everything to schedule, and before long, Vickie was walking down the aisle to meet her handsome hubby-to-be. Everyone was dressed immaculately and were all great characters.

Unfortunately, the Head Registrar told us we were not able to photograph them saying their vows. We were SO disappointed, because they are normally the most emotional moments of the day!

We watched as Chris and Vicky exchanged vows and as soon as the rings were asked for, we had our cue to continue shooting. It was a lovely upbeat ceremony, and everyone was so jolly afterwards, while they congratulated the happy couple! This is when we got most of the reportage pictures, as they all really were brilliant characters.

About half an hour later, we took Chris and Vickie over to the beach, for some romantic shots away from the guests. We always love how the traffic stops, and the new Mr & Mrs get congratulated by passers by! As they started having their kisses and cuddles on the sand, their friends, who were drinking on the terrace, were cheering really loudly – it was great fun!

Sophie once again, came into her own, and somehow was carrying a towel for Vickie’s feet, Vickie’s shoes, two glasses of champagne, her camera, the camera bag AND the bouquet! I just don’t know how she does it!

At 4.15pm it was time for the wedding breakfast, and time for us to sit in the bar and relax, with our meal and refreshments. Just after 6pm we went back into the Tides Room to photograph the speeches – another favourite part of our day! The two Best Men completely stole the show, having everyone in stitches, with their embarassing stories, accompanied with huge poster prints of Chris!

The time went really fast all of a sudden, as Chris and Vickie were called for the cutting of the cake and the First Dance. Chris then got on the decks and started DJ’ing as it’s something he loves to do. Everyone was having an amzing time celebrating Mr & Mrs Mason’s special day. It was soon time for us to leave, so we could let them enjoy the rest of their evening.

A big hug and kiss from the Bride and Groom, and a big Thank You, finished our day off perfectly. We drove home buzzing with happiness, from meeting more fantastic people, and from feeling proper lucky!

♥  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mason!  ♥

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