The Roslin Beach Hotel, Essex – Same Sex Wedding Photographer

What a gorgeous day for our second Gay Wedding… complete with a blue and orange theme!

When we arrived at The Roslin Beach Hotel, the Grooms were already dressed and socialising in the bar with their guests, looking proper happy!

We had arranged to shoot some prep pictures, but I think they were too excited to wait for us. So when we got there, we went up to their room to photograph them having a final spritz of their cologne and checking each other’s ties and button holes.

When we got back down to the reception area, we saw a relative walking through the door with Spencer and Jason’s handsome dog Louis, all dressed up in his wedding bow tie… So cute! He was behaving so well as he mixed with family and friends.

Their teenage Son, Toby looked so handsome and proud in his suit, and was beaming with happiness.

When we are photographing a wedding we are happy to be people watchers. We are always looking around spotting quirky characters or listening to people’s stories, so that we are ready to catch a laughing face when the punch line is delivered! We absolutely love capturing people interacting with each other.

As the room started filling up with people, we positioned ourselves up the front and snapped away as the guests sat chatting while they waited to see the Grooms.

Toby walked down the aisle first, with Louis. Then came Spencer and Jason, in their gorgeous blue suits, looking blissfully happy!

The ceremony was beautiful, and was the first one we had photographed where the client’s dog was included… He was such good boy and walked up to the front very calmly with Toby to present the rings.

I don’t think we’ve had such a smiley couple as we had today, and it was so infectious. My own mouth was aching from smiling so much. Once they were pronounced Husband and Husband, they held up their phones for a selfie with their guests waving in the background… Love it!

Because the weather was so warm, everybody went outside for blue wine and canapés… The sea view was amazing and the guests were so ‘giving’! There were some really funny and happy characters who were great to photograph. They make our job so enjoyable!

Spencer and Jason circulated and we split up, to find some good vantage points to get those lovely moments. I loved being up the top of the stairs as I could catch people from above without them realising which means some very relaxed pictures. As you can see though, I got spotted by some of them, who then decided to photograph me back!

Once our couple had sipped some wine, nibbled some canapés and been congratulated by everyone, we walked over to the beach with them. They didn’t want any posed pictures, so they just had some fun walking along the sand together, as well as a little kiss and cuddle. Their suits looked gorgeous in the sun!

Today was one of those weddings where we never stopped smiling, and kept telling each other that we couldn’t wait to get home and see the pictures… But more was to come!

After cutting their amazing cake which was topped with edible versions of themselves, their Son and their cute Beagle, Louis, they had their first dance, and were quickly joined by their Mothers. There were some tears, as Jason’s Dad sadly passed away just before the wedding and emotions were high.

What guests didn’t know, was that Spencer and Jason had booked the top George Michael tribute act in the country and wow he was bloody brilliant! We have never got such fantastic pictures after the first dance is done, as most of the time, guests go off to the bar… Everybody was up on the dance floor, singing, dancing and watching him in awe.

What an amazing way to end our time with a newly married couple! We were shattered, but SO happy to have been asked to be there with such a great bunch of people.

Congratulations you gorgeous pair! <3

If you are getting married at The Roslin Beach Hotel, and would like us to be your wedding Photographers, providing you with relaxed documentary style pictures, get in touch soon! We would love to hear from you!


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