Tepee Wedding, Barleylands, Essex – Wedding Photographer

Yay, our first ever Tepee Wedding! And what must have been the hottest day of the year so far!

The location was Barleylands in Essex, and the couple were Barry & Helen… in love plus very family orientated!

Sophie dropped me off to photograph Barry and the guys as they got ready, and she went off to see Helen and the girls getting the final touches done to their make up.

They chose their local church to get married in as it held a special place in their hearts, and had a very cool lady vicar! It was extremely hot, but they had thought of everything, including crates of water for their guests who were constantly having to fan themselves with their orders of service.

We loved it when the lovely vicar did a selfie of her with the Bride & Groom!

After the wedding ceremony, there were two coaches waiting to ferry everybody to Barleylands. Whilst Helen and Barry travelled in the Rolls Royce Phantom, which looked pretty sexy in the world of cars!

The day was full of sunshine, impeccable food, first class service, fun and love! They had literally thought of everything they possibly could, to make their guests happy and comfortable. Baskets of sun glasses and sun tan lotion were on hand. And bottles of drink were constantly being put on ice.

They were determined to have the most natural photographs of their day and that is what they got… Made very easy by themselves, their family and their friends who we got on so well with!

The heat was hard to cope with but with plenty of shaded areas, we clicked away constantly, right up until the sun went down and the fire was lit, ready for toasting marshmallows.

We even had our own take out pizza to eat in the car before we left to go home. That was after we got totally lost on the grounds in the dark… We love an adventure!

We were so pleased to be asked to shoot Barry and Helen’s Wedding and will definitely be looking forward to our next Tepee Wedding!

If you are interested in booking us to photograph your Tepee Wedding, please get in touch soon!

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