The Roslin Beach Hotel, Essex – Wedding Photographer

We had previously worked for Hannah and Nick, so knew that we would have a great time photographing their wedding at The Roslin Beach Hotel in Southend, Essex.

It was a beautiful day, perfect for a wedding near the seaside. We started the day with Hannah, in her Bridal Suite, getting her make up and hair done. She was with her Mum and her Maid of Honour, Carrie. Her little boy Joshua was also with them, being so well behaved we hardly knew he was there.

We had to share the space with the videographer, which is always a tough job, but we managed, and got some lovely pictures. One of my favourites is of Hannah having her make up done and in the background is Carrie and Joshua on the bed. The lighting is just beautiful, and so is Hannah.

Whilst I stayed upstairs with Hannah, Sophie went downstairs to see Nick and get pictures of guests starting to arrive. They were congregating in the bar area and were all really happy to be photographed by her. Nick was very relaxed and didn’t seem at all nervous.

The ceremony was amazing, and Hannah and Nick produced one of our favourite ever wedding pictures! I can’t remember what happened, but they were throwing their heads back laughing during their vows. That picture will always be used on our website and will never be forgotten. Its the kind of image which shows why we love what we do… documentary wedding photography! It tells a story and its very no holds barred!

We took Hannah and Nick over to the beach after they had some canapés and fizz. It was great stopping the traffic for them, and having drivers honking at them. Then it was shoes off, and a lovely walk along the sand while we snapped away. Its great to be able to take the couple away from all of the excitement for about twenty minutes. It gives them a few moments to themselves to have a breather and a little kiss and cuddle.

Sophie is always on call to carry shoes, bouquets and champagne glasses, and this time I think we even helped rub sand off Hannah’s feet so she could put her shoes back on.

The rest of their day went perfectly. The staff at The Roslin were fantastic as usual, and Hannah and Nick paid for us to have out own lovely meal, while they ate theirs and then we were straight back in there to capture the laughs and tears during the speeches!

We normally stay with a couple until the first dance, but Hannah and Nick invited us to stay on and enjoy the buffet and have some cake. The buffet was lush, the cake was lush and their first dance was even more lush! We got some amazing pictures of it, including a beautiful one when they held Joshua up with them.

<3 Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bennett <3


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