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St Mary The Virgin Church, Romford – Wedding Photographer

Today Sophie and I travelled to St Mary the Virgin Church in Romford, Essex for the day we’ve been looking forward to for ages.. Wendy & Mo’s Wedding!

We were asked to arrive at Wendy’s mum’s house at 12:30pm but we found that we were ready so early that we couldn’t wait any longer and decided to go way before we needed to. Consequently when we got to the house, Wendy was still at the hairdressers and everyone else was sitting in the garden eating an early lunch. Straight away though, we were made to feel welcome and Wendy’s sister, Kelly, showed us upstairs so that we could start photographing the dresses, accessories and the gorgeous flowers which were hand made by Mum Elaine. It was when Kelly unveiled THE dress that we realised how beautiful Wendy was going to look!

It was long before Wendy was back from the hairdressers wearing her “It’s All About Me” top, and looking proper happy, excited and stress free! We did some shots of her having her make up done while Kelly cracked open a bottle of bubbly in the garden. Sophie and I were guzzling cherry coke and smiling and laughing at her Dad telling us funny stories as we shot some great reportage pictures of everyone.

The flower girl and younger bridesmaids were chilling in the living room watching Harry Potter. Their hair was all done and they were being so well behaved, even though they were really excited about getting all dressed up.

Mo, his best man and ushers were due at the church for 2:15pm, even though the ceremony wasn’t until 3:30pm. The plan was that we get there at the same time and shoot the outside and inside of the church, and get some great candid shots of the guys getting themselves prepped and the guests arriving.

Sophie said it was a shame that we were not going to be around for that special moment, when the Bride gets her dress on and everyone sees her for the first time. We asked Wendy if she would like Sophie to stay, so she could get those pictures and Wendy was really thankful. So Sophie drove me to the church, and after having a quick walk around, inside and out, she drove straight back to the house.

Not long after she left, the guys arrived, looking really handsome and smart. They all had their jobs to do and they all did them well! Dean, one of the ushers, was on “parking detail” and made me laugh lots at how well he did it, and with military precision.

I love photographing brides but I also love it when I get to be with the guys, as I get the giggles hearing their funny stories, and watching them struggling with their buttonholes. On this occasion though, the buttonholes were placed perfectly, apart from Mo’s which I think took three or four attempts.

Once it got past 3pm, I started getting excited for Wendy’s arrival. Mo however, had no nervousness at all and was socialising outside with the guests as they arrived. It seemed like everyone he greeted, asked “are you nervous?”, to which he replied “why does everyone keep asking me that?” he was as chilled as he could be. I joked and asked him if he could at least pretend to look nervous once inside the church, as it makes for a good photograph!

Once Mo was up at the front of the church, I took some pictures of him with the ushers and best man again, while they chatted about whether or not Mo should look back at Wendy as she walks down the aisle. I said he should, as I know he would be well happy with what he saw.

I went back outside with Dean, and told him that as soon as he sees Sophie’s red Audi, he could be certain that Wendy’s vintage car would be close behind. Just as I said it, there was Sophie driving up the lane. She was so happy as she said she got some great pictures back at the house, of Wendy’s Dad, Barry, seeing her in her dress for the first time, and that Wendy was really thankful that she stayed to do that whilst I was at the church.

When the chauffeur opened the car door, I couldn’t believe how stunning Wendy looked! With her height and her lovely slim figure, she looked like a model in her full length lace dress.

After taking some pictures by the car, I rushed back inside and positioned myself up front while Sophie shot their entrance into the church. Barry looked so proud! I wondered if Mo was going to look back like he had discussed, and was SO happy when he did as he was beaming!

The service went really well and you could see the love between Wendy & Mo as it was written all over their faces. After they made their exit from the church it was time for Sophie & I to get some reportage photography of the guests. These are sometimes our favourite pictures as they are filled with emotion and lots of hugs.

We managed to get tons of images and then Dean called for everyone with confetti to stand by the gate, and all of the other guests stood either side of the pathway and applauded the Bride & Groom as they walked through them.Afterwards, we whisked Wendy & Mo away for a few moments to get some romantic shots on the cute wooden footbridge, and some lovely pictures of them walking down the lane hand in hand, before it was time for them to hop in the car and be driven to The Manor Hotel in Rainham, for their reception and some more romantic pictures in the grounds.

We also did some small family group shots and one of everyone whilst I was stood on a chair being steadied be Sophie – there was a few giggles each time I wobbled and screeched!

We were due to finish at around 6:30pm but Wendy & Mo were kind enough to ask the Manor Hotel to supply us with a lovely red wine chicken dinner.

After enjoying our meal, sitting with Tony the videographer, we went into the main room to say goodbye. We were completely overwhelmed by the comments and compliments we received from their family and friends about how well we had done and how thankful they were to us. We even got hugs and kisses and left, feeling really happy and lucky to have met such lovely people!

♥  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ahmed!  ♥

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