Newborn Family Photography – Leigh-On-Sea

We love Newborn shoots and this one was no exception. When I arrived at this gorgeous family’s home. I was greeted by their Dog, Albie, who I instantly fell in love with!

He had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog and he had a wonderful character.

Kylie was breastfeeding her new baby, soon into the visit. And as you can see in the pictures, Albie didn’t leave her side. He was constantly checking the baby was okay, whilst also wanting to get some tickles from me while I photographed them.

After the feed, I took some natural pictures of Mummy and Daddy changing Baby, before we went upstairs, to get some different backgrounds. This is something I like to do with any type of Family Shoot, so a client’s pictures don’t look too alike.

I often warn people that I could potentially use any of the rooms in their home. This way, they are not alarmed because they’ve not tidied…. Not that it would bother me, and not that it would ruin their pictures… Just because I like everybody to be as relaxed as possible.

While upstairs, we got some more natural pictures of Baby having another feed and being changed into one of his new outfits. At one point Dad was going it alone, while Mum sat on the arm chair with Albie… This was one of my favourite pictures from their Newborn Shoot. It was unexpected and Kylie and Albie both looked so tranquil together… It was going to be an Instagram Favourite… With their permission of course!

Afterwards, we went into the master bedroom, so that I could check out the lighting… It wowed me! They had some lovely colours going on. I knew their bed canopy with fairy lights was going to make a stunning backdrop… I wasn’t wrong! As soon as I checked the back of my camera, I knew these images were winners.

I carried on shooting while Mummy, Daddy and Albie were relaxed together on the bed. Baby had another feed, and then I did some lovely close up shots of them, which I was so pleased with.

We finished the shoot by taking some pictures in Daddy’s Office as I loved the world map wallpaper…Yep another great backdrop opportunity!

Newborn shoots, for me, are all about connection and interaction between the family members, not posing the baby or bending the teeny one into weird little blanketed bundles. I want my clients to see the love they have for their new baby, and to be able to relive how they felt on that day.

If you would like to book a Newborn Shoot with us, we would love to hear from you, so get in touch.



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