Hedingham Castle, Essex – Wedding Photographer

Today we shot Bernie & Mick’s wedding at Hedingham Castle in Halstead, Essex.

It was a bit chilly but we were SO excited so it didn’t matter.

Castles have the most amazing feel to them, and this one was our favourite so far!

I’ll be honest with you, and say that I was actually quite nervous about today, as it was going to be our very first twilight wedding.

We prefer to not use flashes, as that way we can get really natural pictures without people knowing we are there.
But when we were told how dark it would be in the castle, I for one, was pooping myself! It was going to be candlelight only!

Sophie is constantly telling me not to be silly, when I panic about stuff. So I really put her to the test this time!
I even contacted other photographers who had worked at the castle.

One of them, got back to me, and helped me with some of his advice. I realised I was panicking unnecessarily .

However, when we had a look around the castle on the day, and saw the scale of darkness we would be dealing with, the panic was back again!

Do you know what though? We did a bloody good job, and shot an amazing amount of pictures! It has been so hard choosing a selection for this post!

Bernie & Mick were so relaxed and their friends and family too. After they said their “I do’s” everyone started dancing to the upbeat song they had chosen. It was fantastic!

The wedding coordinator, Sarah, had planned on tucking Bernie & Mick in a little alcove, while she ushered all the guests over to the main house for drinks. This would leave us to get some lovely pictures of the Bride and Groom.

It didn’t quite go to plan though. One of the guests saw the couple and decided to congratulate them. This lead to ALL the guests following suit! We could see that Sarah was getting a little frustrated, but we got some brilliant pictures from all of those interactions!

We really didn’t need long with our couple, anyway. They were so chilled out, that ‘couple pictures’ were not important to them. They just wanted to get to the main house and start celebrating with their friends and family.

From the moment Bernie & Mick got over to the main house, this wedding was so much fun! This is when our job just doesn’t feel like a job. Apart from our aching backs from the heavy cameras, and blisters on the sides of our thumbs.

As you can see by the pictures, this was a wedding to be envious of, in every way. Chilled out couple, chilled out guests, gorgeous food, endless drinks and constant happiness and fun!

If you are interested in booking a Hedingham Castle Wedding Photographer, please get in touch! We loved our time here and can’t wait to go back again!

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