Family Photgraphy – Hylands Park, Chelmsford

This was our first booking for a Family Shoot at Hylands House in Chelmsford and it was a big surprise when we saw it. The house itself was grand and the surrounding gardens were beautiful!

Dan contacted us as he wanted a lovely gift for his wife Emma’s Mother’s Day from their children. We were of course happy to supply him with a voucher.

When we finally met them, we were pleased to see that they were the type of family we are always blessed with getting from our bookings. So friendly and chilled out!

We only had one hour with them, but we made sure they got a great selection of pictures to remember their time with us. Including visiting the ducks in the pond, catching giant bubbles, picking buttercups and finding big fish in another pond.

Sophie kept the children occupied, making daisy chains. I took Mum and dad off to the gorgeous hanging wisteria for a few romantic moments together. We love to do this during a family shoot. It is so important for parents to remember they are still a couple and not just Mum and Dad.

We had such a lovely time with Emma, Dan and their sweet children. I think you can see from these pictures, that they received some beautiful memories.

If you would like to book a Family Photo Shoot with us, please get in touch to discuss a preferred location and we will get you booked straight in!

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