Day In The Life Shoot – Southend-On-Sea, Essex

I have been photographing moments in this family’s life for a few years. It is always a massive pleasure!

They had been wanting to do a Day in the Life shoot with me for a while, but just when life seemed to be settled, another baby would come along. Which is great news obviously!

Due to two of the youngest children needing naps after a couple of hours shooting, we decided a Mini Day in the Life session would be perfect for them.

The Scriveners are just the most chilled family I have ever worked with. I knew that a short amount of time would still work well, and I was right!

They just gave me a free run of their home, and I followed them around shooting them doing the things they love to do together.

I think the pictures I captured for them, show each child’s personality, perfectly. I even got the dogs and cats in some, because after all, they are a big part of the family too!

Day in the Life Shoots are what I was personally put on this earth for.

Being allowed into a family’s home to be a fly on their wall, while they go about their lives, is a dream to me. I love natural pictures, so cuddles, smiles, tantrums and tears are all to be expected. They are also the things which make my images so real.

When you book this kind of shoot, there is no need to dress up and no need to tidy the house. The only thing you need to do is be yourselves. You will have a real story of those few hours in your lives, which will be looked at over and over again as your children grow up.

If you would like to book a Day in the Life Shoot with us, get in touch soon!


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