Couple Shoot – Thorpe Bay Beach

Debbie and Nigel’s Couple Shoot was a gift from their Daughter and Son in Law for their Wedding Anniversary. They wanted to give them something different so they asked if we sold Gift Vouchers…. Yes we do!

Debbie and Nigel hadn’t had pictures like this done since their Wedding Day, so they were desperately in need of some new images to get framed for their wall.

First of all their Daughter suggested a park, but after a chat with her, we decided the beach would be lovely. Yes I know we do tons of shoots at the beach, but the reason for that is this… No matter which way you turn there is a different gorgeous background, none of which are boring… There is lots of space to move around if you want to walk around… There are some lovely beach huts which are perfect for sitting on together, and cuddling up… If you go there in the early evening, you pretty much have the beach to yourself, this also means you could get a lovely sunset…. And last of all, if you fancy getting your feet wet, and the tide is in, you can have a paddle!

I have known Debbie & Nigel for a few years through work, and I know that Nigel is well renowned for pulling the odd funny face when he gets near a camera, so I knew this shoot could be a struggle… In a fun way… Which may I add, had me laughing so much my face hurt!

But… As usual, I worked my magic, and some beautiful, natural romantic pictures of them both… With a few of the hilarious ones we were all expecting!

I am so pleased that they loved what I had done for them. I love making clients happy! It’s the best job ever!

If you would like to book a Couple Shoot or purchase a voucher, please get in touch. Then, you can have a search on the internet and come up with your own ideas of location. The possibilities are endless!

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