Family Photography – Langdon Hills

Dawn had us recommended to her by one of our previous clients. She had seen the other clients pictures so knew our style of photography. We met Dawn, her partner and her 3 grown up sons, and their family, in the bluebell woods. Her family had used the woods many times over the years, so it was the ideal place to have their family session. If you are in a familiar location, it not only helps you to relax but also has a connection with you. They all had a nice walk through the woods and we just shot all the memorable moments that happened, as that’s what we love doing.

At one point Dawn’s grown up sons stopped at a huge tree which they used to climb and swing from when they were boys. It really made her smile when they all went back up it and we got some really good pictures. Her sons even pulled their little niece up there with them, keeping her very safe of course.

We had such a great time with them all, even including some pictures with a field of bluebells. Dawn brought along lots of eggs and got her sons to hide them in all different places so that her granddaughter could do an Easter egg hunt! She also brought along bubbles which came in very handy!

We meet some really lovely people in our job and today was no exception. Dawn’s family were close and very friendly with us, and Dawn received an amazing set of images which will give her happiness for many years to come.

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