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Wedding Photography

If you love natural, documentary style wedding photography with no confusing packages, get in touch! Prices start at £850

Lifestyle Photography

Whether it's family, newborn or couples photography you are interested in, you'll find them all here. Prices start at £80

Day In The Life

There's no better way to get natural documentary style pictures of you and your family, than to spend a 'day' with you all! Prices start at £400

This Is Us

I am Angie and I just LOVE shooting people…in a good way of course! I am the Mum of three children, who are beautiful, inside and out. I start a diet most Mondays and do all of my thinking in the bath. I won’t leave the house without my make up on.. Not even to put the rubbish out! I can never make a decision and I leave notes everywhere, every day. I hate slip roads, coat hangers and bad smells. Chocolate fudge cake makes me dance.

This is Sophie, my partner, and she does ALL the slip roads because I refuse to! She also dances at the thought of chocolate fudge cake, loves Bon Jovi and her cute cat Buttons. She is an absolute perfectionist in every sense and has never wanted to wear make up! She hates odd socks, fish scales, repetitive sounds and mornings.

When we do a shoot for you, we like to keep everything as relaxed as possible, with no posing, in surroundings which are familiar to you. Whether we come to your home or meet you at an outdoor location, we guarantee it will be a great experience for you all. Clients who book lifestyle sessions will normally see Angie, but sometimes Sophie will come along if she is free. Especially if there is a large family, or children to keep occupied while Mums and Dads have some pictures taken on their own. Clients who book us for their wedding will always see both of us on their big day. We love shooting weddings together and being part of such a special time in another couples lives.

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Please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can! You could text or call Angie on 07940 789499. Or you could pay us a visit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Alternatively you could fill out the form below..